One3y3jack and The Shells – Trollflakes

One3y3jack and The Shells – Trollflakes TROLLFLAKES Curb stomp the trollsYou don’t have to waitNever hesitateDox themWreck them Always hiding in their socksHolding on their tiny dongsHiding by the back door Trollflakes, flat earth fakes, pizza snakesEarth shape agentsTrollflakes, flat earth fakes, pizza snakesPut them in the trash canTrollflakes, flat earth fakes, pizza snakesGet a … More

One3y3jack & the Shells – Death to the Ball (Requiem in E minor)

One3y3jack & the Shells – Death to the Ball (Requiem in E minor) Death to the Ball. It’s death to the ball.It’s death to the ball, we’re seeking. Death to the ball.Death to the ball, we are seeking. They’re going to lose it all.Babylon is going to fall.The beast stole God with the ball. May … More

Pope Elon by One3y3jack & the World of Shells

Pope Elon by one3y3jack & the World of Shells Did you drive your car to Mars?Do you sell fake space?Hiding behind Tesla’s name,afraid the sheep will wake. Pople Elon, Pope Elon Will you save us from our sins?Will you help us to begin?to build a place we can call home,a Mars colony of our own. … More

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